With the increased use of self-publishing services from places like Create Space, Lightning Source and Smashwords (for eBooks) for authors to get published, there exists a need for professional editing, layout and design services.

Antietam Creek Press offers the following services for those who wish to self-publish:

  • Professional Editing – Our editors have years of experience editing and wordsmithing to ensure that you bring your best writing to the forefront.
  • Interior Layout – Have a Word document manuscript and need a press quality pdf to submit for printing? We use the professional software tools to ensure that your self-published book is of professional grade quality.
  • Cover design – Do you have an idea of a book cover but no idea how to design it? Do you need a professional to take your concept and bring it to the next level? We can help. Antietam Creek Press has partnerships with professional graphic designers who are willing to work with you to turn your dream into a reality.
  • eBook design – Are you aware that eBooks require substantially different formatting than print books? Antietam Creek Press has the knowledge and tools needed to turn your manuscript into an eBook.

Send us an email to discuss pricing and your options.