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COMING SOON: “Is War Hell?” by Navy Chaplain W. Charles Goe


COMING SOON: Antietam Creek Press is happy to announce the acquisition of publishing rights to the 1947 World War II memoir “Is War Hell?” by Navy Chaplain W.¬†Charles Goe. The book was originally released in a small run private printing and will now be available to the general public for the first time. Goe was the chaplain of the 23rd Marines (4th Marine Division) and served in the Kwajelien Atoll, Saipan and Tinian campaigns. Release is anticipated to occur sometime in Fall 2013.

UPDATE (July 2017): This is still in our priority list but no action has been taken yet since we first announced this four years ago. Thank you for your patience. We do not have an updated release date at this time.

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